Guest Lecturing

To request a guest lecture from the Nevada PBIS Technical Assistance Center, please see the lecture options below, and fill out the request form HERE.

These are the only options we currently offer for guest lectures.  If you are interested in another topic, you may request a professional development presentation through our Customized Training project.

School-wide PBIS Awareness (1 hour)

  • This presentation gives a general overview of School-wide PBIS.  Read more about School-wide PBIS HERE.

School-wide PBIS Awareness (2 hours)

  • This presentation gives a general overview of School-wide PBIS.  Compared to the 1 hour version, this class includes more examples and activities.  Read more about School-wide PBIS HERE.

PBS Family Support Overview (1 hour)

  • This presentation gives an overview of the PBS-NV Family Support workshops.  These include Positive Parenting, Potty Pros, Picky Eaters, Successful Routines and Transitions, Functional Communication Training, and Addressing Challenging Behavior.  All of our curricula are comprised of strategies from Applied Behavior Analysis, and all strategies are function-based.  Click HERE for descriptions of the classes that will be covered in this presentation.

PBS Prevention Strategies for Individuals (2 hours)

  • This presentation is based on a 6 hour workshop developed for parents and caregivers to address challenging behavior.  The strategies are focused on prevention and teaching new skills, but also covers addressing problem behavior.  Read more about the curriculum HERE.

Functional Behavior Assessment (3 hours)

  • This presentation gives an overview of behavior and how behavior is learned, including the functions of behavior, behavioral assessments, ABC recording, hypothesis development, and creating an intervention plan.  The presentation includes activities and opportunities to practice with ABC recording, functional behavior assessments, and selecting function-based interventions.


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