School Recognition Application

Thank you for your interest in our School Recognition Awards!  You may apply for Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond recognition here.  You may find more information here: State Recognition System

Applications are due July 15, 2017.

Please see the following bullet points and submit the appropriate documentation for the award you wish to apply for.

  • General Application (download by clicking)
  • Expectation Matrix (all)
  • Lesson Plan (all)
  • Acknowledgement System (all)
  • Discipline Flowchart (all)
  • TFI (all)
  • Big 5 Report (Silver applicants)
  • Data Narrative (Gold applicants)
  • Letter of recommendation from district (Platinum & Diamond)
  • Letter for recommendation from community (Diamond)

Upload your application and artifacts below.  Use this format for your file names:  Schoolname_NameOfDocument.  You may use abbreviations for your school name and the artifact (e.g. CVMS_ExpMatrix, ZCES_DistrictLetterofRec, etc.).

Upload files
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