What is Positive Behavior Support?

Happy-Family-House-11Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is an evidence-based practice that strives to encourage or support desireable and prosocial behavior.  Other goals are to prevent challenging behavior by encouraging positive behavior, increase independence, promote positive environments, and enhance quality of life.  PBS combines the science of Applied Behavior Analysis with the comprehensive philosophy of Person Centered Planning.

IMG_3426PBS uses environmental, lifestyle and functional assessment strategies and appropriate behavioral interventions to develop comprehensive behavioral supports that results in quality of life improvements across multiple settings.

PBS practices may be applied to all individuals in all settings.  This includes individuals with and without disabilities, home, school, and community settings, and individuals of all ages.

Please visit www.pbis.org for a comprehensive resource on applications of PBS and PBIS.

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

When used in schools, PBS is typically called “Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports,” or PBIS.  PBIS is the application of PBS practices at the systems level.  PBIS is a framework for providing support to students within a multi-tiered system, which enables schools to match interventions with student need.  For more information about PBIS, please visit our School-wide PBIS page.

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