Workshop Feedback from Parents and Caregivers

This is the second time I have taken the Challenging Behavior class.  The first time I took it was in 2009 when I was in the process of adopting two little girls with FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome).  I learned a lot about what chaTestimonial 1llenges I’d face with special needs children and the class helped set the ground work for helping them.  The second time I took the class was this fall in 2014.  I listened to other parents stories and realized a lot of my children’s behaviors had lessened.  It was nice to see how far my children have come since 2009.  I listened to other parents stories and realized a lot of their behaviors had lessened.   I think the class was even more valuable the second time around because now I knew exactly what behaviors my children and I needed to work on.  The class addressed a variety of issues seen in children with challenging behaviors and offered ways to curb these behaviors.  Robert Johnson and Jocelyn Whitworth are so knowledgeable and offer wonderful ideas that you can put to work immediately in your home.  It is also a treasured resource that parents with struggling children can go to for help.  It is a wonderful class and I love hearing stories from other parents about their children and their struggles because as a parent you feel you aren’t the only one dealing with these issues, and it gives you hope to know that these behaviors can change and that there is help out there. – Patricia
PBS has been a great experience for me and my family.  There has been a great deal of conflict, frustration and inappropriate behavior in my home as we have learned to care for a child with disabilities and several younger children who have modeled their behavior afterFamily Group Shots (3) her.  Over the last several years we have done therapy, I have received personal counseling and read numerous books to improve the atmosphere in our home.  PBS has been the icing on the cake in our journey to find peace in our home.  The classes have been well organized and structured in a way that allowed each participant to learn and grow.  It was helpful to talk with other class members and remember that we are not the only family struggling with inappropriate behaviors.  I greatly enjoyed the in-home consultations because they helped me to put what I was learning into practice and make adjustments on my technique.  I am so thankful to have learned to be more positive and feel like I gained many parental skills from PBS that are continuing to bless me and my family.   – Jill McGill
As parents of a beautiful but challenging 7 year old Autistic girl, we often felt like we were over our head. One of the most consistently challenging behavior problems we were encountering was our morning, before school, routine.  Our mornings would often be filled with frustration, yelling (from both parents and child) and her frequently being late for school.  A friend of ours recommended the “Addressing  challenging behavior” program, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.  Thanks to Dr. Love and the program, we learned better how to not only anticipate problem behavior but use this knowledge and create strategies to avoid these problems.  We also learned new ways to help our daughter get though the times when her challenging behavior does escalate, and ways for us to help her to deescalate this behavior.  While this is no silver bullet for Autism, this program is definitely a step in the right direction. Out daughters tardy’s have been cut down drastically, and the morning tension is down to a minimal. What impressed me most about the program is the hands on approach. The instructors truly want to help and the time they give and the patience they show is amazing.  This program is a definite must for any parent who needs help addressing challenging behavior. – Sean Miller
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